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mold making project for thermoplastic elastomer molded parts 

Recently, we produced three molds for Austrian companies, injection molding products are
thermoplastic elastomer,
We call TPE.
Customer is a medical company, the product requirements more stringent, we encountered some
problems in the production process, but in the end are the perfect solution. 

1,products design

2,mold design

3,mold teat

4,Work with customers to improve design

5,The product is covered with a layer of rubber

6,Laser and Silk printing

7,The final product

Cnmoulding is professional injection moulds company

Mold industry is an important part of the manufacturing industry, and has broad market prospects. At present
annual output value of mold around the world about 75 billion US dollars, China's annual production value of
mold around $ 4 billion, it is estimated that by 2025 China's mold production value will reach 56 billion yuan.
Currently 30% of the general mold of China, more than half of high-grade mold is also dependent on imports
(which account for a large proportion of injection molding). Thus, the mold (in particular injection molds) 
manufacturing behind to some extent has become a blockade of China's manufacturing development bottleneck.
Development and introduction of advanced manufacturing technology is changing our injection mold 
manufacturing lagging behind market demand and an important way of rapid growth.

we are trustable injection mould plastic products manufacturer  in China.


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