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China Plastic Injection Molding companies -heating and cooling system

Rapid heat temperature, actually is an old china plastic injection molding companines method that is often
used to eliminate the weld line,the front cover products such as medicine accessory. Here is an example
of the most frequently used method, but its use is now developed further, as demand  for products with low
cycle time and quality of surface nice sharp increase lately, covering progress being made is that the control
system is used,so the heat on the heating rod is held constant, the only heating occurs during the process of
filling, so filling process stops, and the cooling process is done, no heating rod heating process

Advantage of china plastic injection molding system

Trim cycle times up to 20 % in plastic injection molding  process.A new unit combines rapid heating and
cooling and mold-temperature control in one unit as a means to trim cycle times by up to 20% and reduce
energy cost .

It is the result of a collaboration between china plastic injection molding company , a supplier of pulsed
mold heating/cooling systems, and CN-moulding, a china mold maker of fluid temperature-contro lunits Reduce
Weld line because during the process of filling,the mold is heated, especially at the regional meeting of the
plastic,this led to the solidification of the material evenly, so that the weld line can be minimized. injection
mold is rapidly heated to a high temperature, usually higher than the glass transition temperature of the polymer
material, before melt-injection and rapidly cooled down to solidify the shaped polymer melt in mold cavity for
ejection.Since the elevated mold temperature can eliminate the unwanted premature melt freezing during filling
stage, the melt flow resistance is greatly reduced and the filling ability of the polymer melt is also significantly
improved. As a result,plastic parts with excellent surface appearance can be obtained.  Improve Appearance
of china plastic injection molding companies system rapid heat cycle method is also shown to improve the
quality of the surface, this is because the process of filling with stable temperatures ranging from the
to the end product, or it could be said to be due to differences in temperature in the cavity is not much different.
Reduce Cost of China plastic injection molding companies system

I was not sure whether china plastic injection molding companies method can reduce the cost of
production,when production is carried out is to a large scale, of course, 10-20% reduction in cycle time
will bring a lot of meaning to the cost of production, but when the scale of SMEs,given the initial price for the
application of this method expensive.


china plastic injection molding companies method reduce production costs Heating Method
of china plastic injection molding companie 
various types of heating methods research has been
carried out

1. use of the insulation layer, An insulation layer is coated onto the mold base then a heating layer is applied to
the insulation layer as the cavity surface, for Increasing the mold surface temperature in the filling process, a
coating on the cavity surfacewith TiN and Teflon has reduced the heat transfer from the melt to the mold
material,the which Increased the temperature on the cavity surface.

2. the use of steam. difficulty of this method is the first installation costs are expensive, and slow ncrease in

3. Infrared radiation on the surface, this method has also been investigated, and are able to reduce cycle
    time by 20%

4. electric heating rod, this method is the method most commonly used in industry because of the installation,
    maintenance, repairs are relatively
easy. but the price per Kw electricity is relatively expensive, because it
    takes a minimum of 300 watts for a heating rod.

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