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The future development trend of plastic mold

At present, the plastic mold in the mold industry in the proportion of about 30%, in the import and export of mold as high as 50 to 70%.
In recent years, China's rapid development of plastic mold. With the increasingly wide range of applications of
plastic products for the plastic mold provides a very broad market, resulting in the mold market is the overall
trend of heat up smoothly.It is expected that in the future of the mold market, the development of plastic mold
speed will be higher than other molds in the mold industry will gradually increase the proportion. The plastic
mold processing technology which presents the following five major trends:
1. Mold forming parts of the increasingly large parts and high productivity requirements of a mold cavity,
resulting in increasingly large-scale mold, large-tonnage of large molds up to 100 tons, a model of hundreds of
cavities, thousands of cavities, require mold processing equipment Large table, increase the y-axis z-axis
travel,large load-bearing, high rigidity, high consistency.
2. Die processing of high hardness steel mold material, mold processing equipment requires thermal stability, high reliability.
3. For the complex cavity and multi-functional composite mold, with the complexity of the shape of the
workpiece must be to improve the level of mold design and manufacturing, a variety of grooves, a variety of
materials in a set of mold forming or assembly of components Functional composite mold, requires a large
programming programming, with a deep hole cutting ability and high stability, improve the processing difficulty.
4. The fine processing of the mold makes the compound and high-efficiency of the processing equipment more attractive. High-speed milling with high-hard materials can be processed, smooth processing, small cutting force, the workpiece temperature and deformation of many small advantages to mold enterprises to pay more attention to high-speed processing.
5. High dynamic precision. Machine tool manufacturers to introduce the static performance in the mold three-dimensional surface processing, can not reflect the actual processing situation. Dimensional surface of
the mold high-precision machining, but also proposed a high dynamic precision performance requirements,
high-speed high-precision but also in the machine's high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high-quality
control system can be achieved with.

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