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CNC machining centers and CNC machinery by system components suitable for processing complex parts efficiently automated machine tools. CNC Machining Center is the world's highest yield, the most widely used one of CNC machine tools. Its comprehensive processing ability, after a workpiece clamping process can be completed more content, high precision, on medium difficulty batch processing a workpiece, and its efficiency is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary equipment,
in particular it is completed many common device can not complete the processing of more complex shape, high precision machining of single or small batch production of many varieties is more applicable.
CNC has the following advantages:
① a significant reduction in the number of tooling, machining parts of complex shape does not require complex tooling. To change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify the part program for new product development and modifications.
② processing quality and stability, high precision, high repeatability, vehicle adaptation processing requirements.
③ more variety, small batch production situations higher production efficiency, reduce production preparation, machine adjustment and process inspection time, and the use of optimal cutting capacity and reduce the cutting time.
④ processed conventional methods are difficult to process complex surface, even some of the processing of the processing site can not be observed.

The disadvantage is that the machine tool CNC machining equipment is expensive, requires maintenance personnel with higher levels.
EDM is a galvanic action between the use of erosion generated when immersed in the working fluid in the bipolar pulse discharge in addition to special processing method of a conductive material, also known as electrical discharge machining or etching process, the abbreviation EDM
main feature
① can process ordinary machining methods are difficult to cut materials and complex shape of the workpiece;
No cutting force when
② processing;
③ no burrs and grooves marks and other defects;
④ tool without electrode material harder than the workpiece material;
⑤ direct use of processing power, easy to automate;
⑥ surface metamorphic layer after processing, to be further removed in certain applications;
Smoke pollution treatment
⑦ working fluid purification and processing to produce too much trouble.

The main purpose of EDM are:
① machining type molds and parts holes and cavities having a complicated shape;
② processing a variety of hard, brittle materials such as carbide and hardened steel;
③ processing deep pores Hole, deep grooves, and cutting a slit or sheet;
④ processing of various shaped tools, templates and tools such as thread ring gauges and measuring tools.
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