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blister and plastic injection


A plastic processing technology, the main principle is to flatten the plastic sheet hard to soften after heating, the vacuum adsorption on the mold surface, after cooling forming, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.
Blister packaging: the use of plastic products to produce plastic products, and equipment with the corresponding package
of products in general.Blister packaging products include: blister, trays, plastic boxes, as well as: vacuum hood, such as blisters.The main advantages of plastic packaging is to save raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, easy transportation, good sealing performance, in line with the requirements of environmental protection green packaging; can pack any special-shaped products, packing without additional cushioning material; Beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanized, automated packaging, easy to modern management, save manpower and improve efficiency
Blister packaging equipment include: plastic molding machines, presses, sealing machine, high-frequency machines, Flap machine.

Packaging the formation of packaging products can be divided into: card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, fold bubble shell, three bubble shell

Injection molding
Is thermoplastic injection molding, this method is to melt the plastic material, and then injected into the membrane cavity. Once the molten plastic enters the mold, it is cooled by the mold cavity into a certain shape.
The resulting shape is often the final product, and no additional processing is required prior to installation or as a finished product. Many of the details, such as the bosses, ribs, threads, can be molded in one step in injection molding operations.
Injection molding machine has two basic components: for melting and the plastic into the mold of the injection device and mold clamping device. The role of the die assembly is to:

1. The mold is closed under the pressure of the injection;

2. The article is removed from the injection device to melt the plastic before it is injected into the mold, and then
the pressure and speed are controlled to inject the melt into the mold. There are two types of injection devices
currently in use: screw-type pre-plasticizers or two-stage devices, and reciprocating screws. Screw-type
pre-plasticizer using pre-plasticized screw (first stage) and then injected into the injection of molten plastic injection
rod (second stage).
The advantages of screw pre-plasticizers are constant melt quality, high pressure and high speed, and precise
injection volume control (using mechanical thrusters at both ends of the piston stroke). These strengths are
required for transparent, thin-walled products and high production rates. Disadvantages include non-uniform
residence times (leading to material degradation), higher equipment costs and maintenance costs.
The most common reciprocating screw injection device does not require a plunger to melt and inject the plastic.

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