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Today  plastics are one of the most used materials  in China


The world of plastic products manufacturing has come a long way since the 1860s — and rapidly growing
companies like CN-MOULDING are proof. While John Wesley Hyatt may not have realized it when he first
experimented with cellulose nitrate in the late 1800s, the substance he discovered has since become a 
major part of everyday life in the China.
Today’s plastics are one of the most used materials on a volume basis in China. industrial and commercial life,
They are broadly integrated into today’s lifestyle and make a major, irreplaceable contribution to 
virtually all product areas.

Thermoplastic Elastomer material properties

TPE, thermoplastic elastomer  used in ordinary transparent toys, sports equipment and so on.
TPE is a rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, but also has the characteristics of injection
molding materials. Environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide range of applications, excellent coloring,
soft touch, weatherability, fatigue and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, no
vulcanization,can reduce the cost of recycling, both injection molding, And PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other
substrate coating adhesion, can also be a separate molding.

Characteristics of PPS-Injection Molding manufacturing material in china

PPS is a polymer compound having a phenylthio group on the main chain, due to its structure and the sulfur are alternately connected to a benzene ring, the molecular chain having a high rigidity and regularity, PPS is a crystalline polymer and thus, has many excellent properties, such as heat resistance, rigidity, flame retardancy and electrical insulation. Lone pair electrons of the sulfur atom such PPS and glass fiber, an inorganic filler and a metal having good affinity for easy-reinforced composite made ​​from a variety of materials and alloys.

Compared with ABS, PP, PE, NYLON and PC compared with the commonly used materials, PPS is a relatively high-grade engineering plastics, often used for special plastic products, such as medical, automotive and electronic industry.


POM-plastic material properties

As a professional plastic injection molding company ichina, Cn-moulding is able to provide different plastic injection molded parts, such as insert molding, double-color molding, multi-cavity plastic molding, hot runner plastic moulding with Polyacetal/Acetal material.

PE-Plastic material main Advantages

As a professional plastic injection molding company in china, Cn-moulding is able to provide different plastic injection molded parts, such as insert molding, double-color molding, multi-cavity plastic molding, hot runner plastic moulding with Polyethylene material.
Polyethylene is a milky white plastic, waxy and translucent surface is ideal wire and cable insulation and jacketing materials. Its main advantages are:

ABS material injection processing conditions

Cn-moulding also has unique technology and rich experience in custom injection molding with normal resin
in china
; such as ABS material manufacturing.

Common Electronic Engineering Plastics

    Compared with general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics having superior mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, dimensional stability and the like; compared with metal materials, engineering plastics having a light weight, molding power consumption is small. Engineering Plastics has become the world's plastics industry's fastest growing material

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