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Vacuum thermoforming China factory based in shanghai

Cnmoulding is expert  in Custom Plastic Thermoforming  in china. We are specialists in creating moulded plastic components using thermoforming (vacuum thermoforming china) techniques.For  20 years we have created innovative thermoforming solutions in multiple industries and assisted companies in materials selection, regulatory requirements, attaining cost targets, and more. To better fulfill customer requirements,Cnmoulding  expanded to include injection mold capabilities to its list of thermoplastics manufacturing operations.

So now, from small parts to large parts, from short runs to long runs, simple to multiple part designs, whatever the plastics part you need, whether by vacuum thermoforming china processes or injection mold in china process,we will suggest the best process for your project.

Vacuum thermoforming advantage

Vacuum thermoforming can produce the smallest pieces of tablet packaging materials or watches with the battery, you can also produce very large products, such as 3 ~ 5m long garden pool. The thickness of the molding material can be from 0.05
to 15mm,for foam materials, the thickness can reach 60mm. Any kind of thermoplastics or materials with similar properties can be vacuum-formed.
The materials used in the vacuum thermoforming molding are sheets having a thickness of 0.05 to 15 mm, and these sheets are semi-finished products made of pellets or powder. Therefore, compared to injection molding, vacuum thermoforming the raw materials will increase the additional cost.


Plastic themoforming products at china packeging industrial

Plastic products are made of plastic processing, and its products generate principle is flat piece of hard plastic material after heating to soften the mold surface with a vacuum and then cooling molding, plastic products are widely used on its main used in electronics, electrical appliances industry, food industry, hardware tools, cosmetics industry, toy industry, commodity industry, medicine, health care products, automotive, stationery, sports goods and other types of industries.


Blister Mold and material selection


1, the choice of plastic mold Plastic mold generally have plaster mold, copper mold and aluminum mold 

Gypsum mold: plaster molding in the semi-wet state, and then drying mold, plaster mold low cost, easy to
modify,but the plaster mold precision is not high enough, the surface is not smooth and fragile is not durable,
so it is often used to fight To do the electroplating of copper mold or some of the requirements of small-batch
production of plastic mold.
Aluminum mold: with aluminum ingots through the machinery (lathes, milling machines, CNC, etc.) from
processing.Aluminum mold high precision, smooth surface and durable, but the price is very expensive,
aluminum mold is generally used in high precision copper mold not reach the blister products.

Electroplated copper mold: Plaster mold made of samples, the plating layer of copper shell is the electroplating copper mold, the cost of relatively high plaster mold, but much cheaper than aluminum mold, because of its smooth and durable surface, low cost, electroplating Copper mold is the most commonly used a plastic mold.


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