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The advantages of plastic in the medical industry

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Plastic applications and advantages in the medical industry

Plastic application in the medical industry:

Medical equipment related to the pharmaceutical industries, machinery, electronics, plastics, etc., wherein the
plastic rapid development of medical devices. Since the 1930s people first used synthetic polymer materials -
since celluloid film is formed as an artificial kidney dialysis membrane used in clinical success, polymer
materials are gradually replacing traditional inorganic materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, apatite stone
for the preparation of medical devices.

This is reason:

(1)polymer material having good mechanical properties and chemical stability, more suitable for medical use;

(2) polymer material rich source of inexpensive, disposable medical supplies made for avoiding the problem of
sterilization and secondary infection due to the high cost of traditional materials and products have caused
repeated use;
(3) having a plastic or modified more easily get a good histocompatibility and blood compatibility of products;
(4) Plastic low production costs, for a variety of molding methods, ease of processing into complex shapes and the development of new medical products.


Plastics in the medical industry advantages:

From medicines and pharmaceutical packaging, the needle tube, hose, disposable surgical instruments and other medical equipment can be seen in the presence of plastic instruments.
Disposable medical device market demand potential is why so big, its main advantage is the following aspects:

1, light weight, effort, will help reduce fatigue caused by surgery doctors for a long time.

2, toughness is good, strong anti-permeability, durability, some plastics can also be used normally at high temperatures.

3, transparent, medical procedures can be better observed, especially during surgery.

4, easy to shape, for the production of a variety of shapes, complex medical equipment and supplies, and
simply use the low-cost production process. High-temperature sterilization using disinfectant or corrosion does
not occur or the color change phenomenon.

5, compared to metals and other raw materials, low cost, more suitable for the production of disposable
consumables,after sterilization as packaging materials help to reduce the risk of infection.

6, compared with ceramic or glass and other fragile materials, the use of more safety, especially as packaging materials.
With the increase of the proportion of population growth and an aging population, the demand for plastic medical equipment continued to expand, particularly into the human body equipment. The use of medical equipment from a single to diversified development, the volume size is shrinking, now an equipment can replace conventional multiple pieces of equipment. Because many outstanding advantages of plastic medical equipment, pharmaceutical industry in the future course of development, its market share and influence will grow.

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