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Surface printing process

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China Plastic injection molding products processing technology

I. For printing on the surface of the plastic products, printing or when the pattern, there are several methods.
1, stencil printing of this method is the most common and also the most one method; their generally suitable
for flat or curvature of the small print.

2, the principle curved surface printing flexography printing ink is first placed within the text or logo engraved
gravure, then copy the text or images onto a surface, the surface will re-use the text or pattern is transferred to
the surface of the molded product, and finally through an ultraviolet light irradiation heat treatment or the like so
that the ink is cured.

Surface printing process:
Skim A. molded products
B. Injection molding product surface treatment (when necessary)
C. Printing
D. curing inks
E. applying post-processing such as excessive (if necessary)


Injection molding parts Printing Process

A. gravure ink into
B. scrape off the excess ink
C. extruded surfaces made ​​of ink
D. The surface of the ink transferred to the surface of the molded article
E. cleaning surfaces, layout (if necessary) and printing will start with version pattern or patterns printed on
the plastic sheet or rubber roller, rubber roller will no longer sheet or pattern or pattern onto a surface of beer.
Pros: Several colors can be applied in a single operation.
Disadvantages: lower productivity and not get opacity strong prints, how to choose a suitable plastic sheet
or rubber roller and oil and so on.

3, the use of hot stamping foil and the color pattern engraved or font of the injection mold, under controlled temperature and pressure, the surface of the emboss pattern of manufacturing color package or method of beer
font member, which is mounted on the operation only by fixing the press injection mold foil color on regional products across the pressure needed to be applied.

Second, the paint surface treatment of plastic products (color) of the most commonly used techniques,
Can be divided into: A, general coloring, that this spray paint mostly by hand, do not have strong abrasion,
easy to paint chips.

B, PU grade varnish this method is finished after the spray drying primer, then spray on the surface layer of PU varnish method to achieve abrasion and gloss. General home appliances or many everyday items is through PU surface treatment.
C, UV grade varnish finish this method after spray primer and then sprayed with a layer of surface UV varnish, gloss, feel, rubbing can achieve very good results. General phone mold products, communications products more die with such an approach.

Fourth, the use of electrolytic plating method is electroplating the metal or alloy is deposited on the surface, to
form a uniform, dense and good adhesion of metals layers, called plating. Simple to understand, the physical
and chemical changes, or in combination.

a. Corrosion
b. Protective decorative
c. Anti-wear
d. Electrical properties:
According parts work requirements, providing conductive or insulating coating performance
e. Process requirements

The plastics surface of the article by electrolytic uniform, dense, with good metal or alloy deposited layer
forming process, the process is relatively complicated process, but it has many advantages, such as many
types of deposited metal can be obtained in various colors, with Compare similar process is relatively cheaper
than in terms of prices.

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