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Cnmolding is a  professional plastic mold manufacturer in China


      As a full service contract  plastic  mold manufacturer  in china , we can  provides turnkey solutions for your plastic product manufacturing needs. From product design support through order fulfillment and distribution,PMP offers our clientele a multitude of services. including:

Product Design Support

High Quality  Made Tooling in china

Insert & Over-Molding in china

In Mold Decorating, Pad Printing & Plating

Product Design

Plastic mold manufacturer in china  will assist your engineering team in optimizing your product design to
aid in its manufacturability, strength and quality.High Quality  Made Tooling in China. From Single cavity ,
double Inserts to Multi-cavity Hot Runner Molds,Precision Molded Plastics contributes to the GDP of the china.

We do not out sourcing from another  suppliers.Molded-in mechanical fasteners or highly conductive electronic connectors, Plastic mold manufacturer china will molded Plastics provides technical service solutions to exceed your every need.

Value Added Services of plastic mold manufacturer china


    In-mold decorating, labeling, pad printing or chrome plating; Plastic mold manufacturer china possesses the 
skills and resources to handle any of  your products secondary needs.Secondary Operations Machining
Operations and / or hardware installation; We'll build your sub-assemblies and ship them ready for integration
into the final product.
Complete Assemblies Injection molding, product assembly, retail packaging& distribution,
Plastic mold manufacturer 
in china provides turn-key contract manufacturing fulfillment services.

We work closely with our customers assessing both short and long term requirements. If you require china
overmolding , china insert molding,
or china two-shot molding, Plastic mold manufacturer china has the
experience to create the 
tooling and molding processes to get your job done right. Material properties and
plastic technology are very important 
when developing precision injection molded parts.When your part has
to meet the 
specific regulations of your industry, having the right material is essential.Correct storage,handling,
drying and processing of today’s highly 
engineered resins is critical to the production precision molded parts.
Plastic injection molders in china. we pay attention to all aspects of the molding 
process, from tooling and material,to machine and processing


How to choose plastic injection mold manufacturer

Plastic mold is very popular with everyone's attention at the moment, it is not particularly suitable for direct
productionof some products that can be made of plastic models, produced under a single customer after
making the decision,both for the convenience and efficiency is high, so are like many customers,so if you
choose plastic moldmanufacturers to cooperate, in the end how to choose?

Select  plastic mold manufacturers to cooperate, then there are a few caveats, if you can pay attention to good,
then you can find the best manufacturers of cooperation, first thing to note is that the manufacturers of
credibility,if appeared before manufacturers specified when not completed within the time, then we better
take account of,or the customer may not see the model when they took it out.

Choose plastic mold manufacturers also need to pay attention is sure to look at how manufacturers of
equipment,is now the model-making equipment is also in constant update them, 3D printers can also
be said to be very common,if the manufacturer of the device relatively aging words may be made out
of many models have some defects

How to be a good mold maker and high quality mold making  in china

 First important,we own 8 CNC machines, 6 wire cut, 8 milling machines,  6 EDM machines and outside good
supply chain allows our experienced mold makers to meet compressed lead times while maintaining our
reputation for quality injection molding making.From single cavity & prototype injection molding making  
to multi-cavity and family injection molding making.


Mold maker in china are fully equipped to meet your unique tooling challenges

 Our mold making shop is geared to work with injection molds from the small to medium to big size range, i.e.
injection mold maker that are designed to run in presses of 800 tons and smaller. China  mold makers works
with a variety of plastic injection molding making configurations and a summary of available options can be
found here, Mold Types:
Injection mold designing, injection molding making and specialty tooling has been the backbone of our
business since our inception in 2002. We apply our decade of expertise in producing precision injection
mold. We are particularly adept at tooling for Automotive,Printer, Electronic precision and . Medical
Connector Parts.


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Cn-moulding means Plastic Injection Molding manufacturers in China

Description of Injection Molds
 Product Name: Plastic injection mold 
Mold core&cavity steel: NAK 80, 718, P20,H13,2344, etc.
 Mold base: LKM, HASCO, DME, etc.
 Mold life: 200k-1 million shots
 Packaging: Wooden case
 Delivery time: 25-60 days.
Our factory has five sets of CNC machining centers. Up to 30,000 rpm spindle machining centers. P. M. speed
CNC machiningcenters. 9 too CNC EDM machines and 5 WEDM. CMM has the function of reverse scan data
to ensure 
mold production in a timely, effective and accurate completion of the process design. It can produce pulled stamping dies, automotive testing tools,thermoplastic molding tools. The core of the injection molding shop's annual production capacity of 400 sets of precision injectionmolds or 800 sets of ordinary medium-sized injection molds
our service is a one-stop injection molding manufacturers solutions company for polymer based products.
We focus on plastics 
design, plastic injection molding manufacturing and tight tolerance molding, part joining and assembly ,painting, serve a number of markets including Medical-Diagnostic, Industrial,Electronics, Communication, Consumer and Automotive.
we are always manufacturing highly- demanding and tight-tolerance precision parts for  industries such as the automotive, banking and healthcare industries. And we are able to offer our customers quick turnaround and
high-quality injection molds, prototyping 
and plastic injection molding manufactur services.
 Our Competitive Advantages:
Electronic Online
Experienced Engineer
Guarantee within 7 days
International Approvals
Military Specifications
Quotation 1 day
Product Features
Product Performance
Prompt Delivery
Quality Approvals
Service 24 hours
Project Control
Globe Markets:
Eastern Europe
North America
Mid East
Central/South America
South Africa
Western Europe
Welcome to provide samples or 2D / 3D drawing in step, XMT or IGES 3D drawing type, or AutoCAD and PDF
type. We can designand produce molds need.If you want to compare prices, find a very professional injection mold company's products in China, please send the information to us you are interested, we will give you a good price report. This will be our big pleasure if we have a chance for your services.
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