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Quality and operational requirements for plastic products

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China Plastic Injection Molding operator processing requirements

A, plastic product quality requirements

1, the injection molding forming of product, must ensure that the product structure is complete, there is no less material, more material phenomena.

2, PlastIc product surface bright, uniform chromaticity, full.

3,plastic product surface is not filled with flowers, impurities, defects such as black spots.

4, the product shape neat, there is no deformation, distortion, and the internal products are obvious bubble phenomenon.

5, the product can cooperate with relevant parts is normal, without external force can not be separated.

6, the assembled product to need, after assembling the operators need to introspection, to ensure that
products meet quality  requirements. There is no installed in place, packing, and have a fracture phenomenon.

B,the plastic injection molding products trimming

1, the plastic molding product of the inlet with trimming knife cutting, cutting mouth who can not have express
white appearance.

2, when trimming knife trimming, forcibly when repairing products shall repair products outside introversion,
resistance force direction is not allowed to have another hand block.

3, product trim on the handle of the strength should be uniform, can guarantee a hard cut products as much as possible, long group of  front, middle not stagnation, a fix to the end, to ensure that after trimming the edges of the beautiful appearance.

4, the surface of the injection molding product by trimming does not allow defects wavy lines and uneven in china company.

5, to remove the inlet area, trimming should level off, allow the phi 10 from minor scratches, trimming to
    improper Other parts are not allowed to have should be trimming undeserved cause scratch defect.

6, to put front height is greater than 0.2 mm should be handled for trimming (unless adjust injection parameters to solve), especially in  the production Product outline on the edge of the phi front must be removed.

7, for different products, it is suggested that should use different types of trimming knife(if mold making is nice,
not need it), to ensure  product quality, improve the efficiency of trimming. 8, don't allow should trim other
qualified on the surface of the damage caused by improper operation (such as good surface scratch, cut, etc.).

C,china injection molding company product storage and handling

product stacked on the pallet height should not exceed 1.2 mm, the number of the same specifications each building products must be the same, with winding mode finally. For small products in the turnover box, bottom in turnover box height should be 10 cm, turnover box the loading weight of not more than 25 kg.

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