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Plastic injection molding defects and remedial in China

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Plastic injection molding defects and remedial  in China
Most causes and countermeasures with most of the problems related to stabilization period.
Forming a drawback, some place in the machine performance, injection mold design or material properties outside itself, most reliable adjustments to resolve the problem. Some of the reasons for the shortcomings and limited to certain reasons, some disadvantage is that excess and deficiency of the same reasons.
Filling inadequate (lack of glue / short shot / take water arrhythmia)
In Chinainjection molding machine related: reducing speed and increasing injection pressure injection nozzle clogging the nozzle is too small, plastic dose is too small, tube temperature is low.
Injection mold-related: Inappropriate gate location, combined with the method; runner design; bad exhaust, mold temperature is too low, the finished thickness is too thin, encapsulation.
And plastics-related: Plastic poor liquidity, lack of lubrication.
Increase the feeding tube temperature setting, zoom into the gate size, adjust the ratio of the flow channel or size, increasing the pressure and holding pressure.
Shrinkage and sink

Use the fastest speed to make plastic injection mold surface has begun to harden hit, can not
replenish shrinking.Reduce the injection rate and increased injection pressure, mold venting, etc.
Increase in plastic injection molding pressure measurement and improve or increase the dwell time
Reduce mold temperature
Maintain or increase the pressure filling pressure
The end of the charred

Compressed air tank to produce high temperature, if the shooting appeared to lack of insufficient
pressure to improve the filling pressure appears burned black.
Improve stomatal
Reduce the rate of fire and the end of the plastic temperature
Avoid the use of recycled materials
Runner increase
Burn mark
The filling process, the residual air in the mold cavity will stop filling status plastics, trapped in the air
because of mold cavity pressure by heating the plastic to heat up, but will make the material
surrounding the occurrence of scorch marks.
Reduce the injection rate or injection pressure
Lowering the temperature
Secondary pressure reduction time
Improve exhaust cavity
Transform gate location or increase its size
Silver wire, gas sores, spray pattern
Molded product surface due to the injection molding of plastic flow generated by silver grain phenomenon, which is made of plastic is compressed air like water, so the water inside the material can dry completely prevented.
Bonding wire, the bonding wire, the fusion line, the frit line
When the plastic flows through a hole, then split the line by combining generated by the air barrier, or excessive release agent.
Lifting the plastic temperature or speed through the holes of the plastic to improve
Improve mold temperature or use a better grade of material flow
Increase the rate of fire and injection pressure
Extend the time of injection advance
Changing the position of the discharge port, to change the flow of the resin, and then change the position of
the bond line.

Usually plastic products, or products at the time of hot stripping section uneven thickness.
Extend the cooling time slice thickness or consistency of the finished product.
Evenly male and female injection molding temperature.
Confirm finished top of the force is uniform.

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