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Mold manufacturing cost control

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Mold manufacturing cost control

To ensure that the cost of mold, cost control and quality and delivery is proportional to the relationship between the quality of the mold to do a one-time, few changes, delivery to shorten, so that low manufacturing costs, earn high profits, Market order to undertake the process of a unique competitive advantage. On the contrary, enterprises not only no advantage, but also will not make money or even lose money. Therefore, mold manufacturing costs, production management in the control part is very important, from the following aspects:
1) The effective management of product data management, process data management, drawings, document management: effective product data management, process data management, drawing document management, can ensure the comprehensive document, the consistency of the version of the drawings; Effective sharing and effective query utilization.
2) to maintain the mold drawings, processing technology and physical consistency and integrity of the data: through effective, detailed, rigorous testing means to ensure that the mold drawings, processing technology and physical data consistency and integrity.
3) Each mold design, manufacturing costs must be done in a timely manner: by effectively controlling the shop parts processing technology to download or share print, the effective management tool retirement; through accurate mold structure design, efficient mold parts processing and Accurate parts detection, will effectively reduce the die set by the change, maintenance and additional costs, in order to obtain the actual cost of each set of molds, and planned costs in real time, and thus effectively control the quality of the mold.
 4) overall planning: the project planning, design, processing technology, workshop production, equipment, human resources and other information organically organized, integrated together to coordinate the planning and production, to effectively ensure the quality of mold and pay as scheduled goods.
5) to develop a complete, practical mold production management system: mold production management processes to achieve product data management, process data management, project management, progress management of computer information management system, including mold production planning, mold design, process Production scheduling, real-time bar code submission of parts progress, product inspection, warehouse management, mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information from planning, manufacturing process control to the completion of delivery to achieve full-time real-time tracking management.
6) The establishment of processing technology: the establishment of processing technology, summary of mold parts list, purchased parts list, standard parts list, self-made standard parts list, bill of materials, heat treatment list, wearing parts list and die costs , To ensure that relevant resources in place in time. Combined with production planning management, schedule management, to ensure that related equipment can be effectively used to prevent staff idle, so that all aspects of processing and manufacturing can be interlocking.
7) the formation of the quality of the implementation of culture: the various departments of enterprises, the process of self-inspection, special inspection, inspection, inspection to be analyzed, summed up the formation of quality standards. Strictly regulate the detection means to eliminate the "almost" the fluke, to ensure that the precision mold processing parts. Effective control of the quality of the mold, according to the next process records effectively linked to the quality of specific individuals. Can strengthen the design, the operator's sense of responsibility.
8) according to the company, and customers, the development of the company and customers for the mold design standards, mold design work instructions, mold manufacturing standards, mold manufacturing work instructions, norms mold design and mold manufacturing; Habits, the old thinking of making mold does not meet customer requirements mold.
9) standard procurement, warehouse and production orders, materials out of storage, tools reported loss, delivery management, straighten out the material supply chain, prevent production out of line.
10) The establishment of all-round assessment system: accurate, original, true data to assess each employee correctly, regular training related to mold design, mold manufacturing personnel, find and train the backbone of the company's elite team.
11) regulate the functions of the post.
12) to establish a follow-up project management team: to conduct detailed business and technical aspects of communication, comprehensive and detailed understanding of the customer's mold technical requirements, record, summarize the content of communication and accurate communication to the ministries, to avoid repeated, , Modify, rework, thereby saving costs and time.

CNMOULDING for each customer to gradually establish a customer business and technical information repository, shared within the company, in order to improve customer service levels, reduce errors. Follow up, monitor the progress of the mold project production, arrange trial mode, the progress of the relevant materials with the reminder, model testing to confirm, send samples, arrange mold shipments and other matters.

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