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Injection Mold inspection in China

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Injection Mold inspection in China

First, the product acceptance

       In CHINA ,After the injection mold has to go through several test mode, most small and medium die to be
1-3 times tryout, medium-sized injection mold takes 3 to 5 times, the structure particularly complex mold tryout
times will be more likely.

How many times mold and equipment and operating processes employed Qualities related, and injection mold
design, production quality and other factors are closely related.
Meanwhile, to some extent reflects a mold factory technical level.

Most can fully reflect the level of injection mold is the last tryout sample provided. The sample is usually sent to the ordering side, to check the results as an important basis for mold inspection time. The basic sample size
orrect or not may reflect the manufacture of precision molds. Therefore, in the acceptance process, the first
products to be acceptance.

After processing is complete 16 hours post-acceptance, at least in parts molded plastic parts or requested. Acceptance of the standard ambient temperature 23 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity 50 ± 6%, dew point temperature
21 ℃, atmospheric pressure
890 ~ ​​1060hPa, air velocity ≤1m / s.
If the actual environment is not standard, can be carried out under the conditions of both parties, or the measured value corresponding to the length of the
correction coefficient of expansion.


1. The basic dimensions of test products
Obtain a sample, the first to observe its overall shape is correct, whether the basic shape to meet the product design.
Then the basic dimensions of products for testing.

2. Products with the size of the test
With the size with the size of the article refers to the interaction between products products products and related components, or between, including the local relative position with the size and overall dimensions.

3. Test assembly inspection
When the basic size, dimensions, with the size of the inspection, deemed essential meet the design requirements,
you can try assembly inspection, which is a very important means of checking products, which can tie v
erify dimensions of space surface for verification.

The product appearance quality inspection
When the pre-meet the requirements, the need for apparent quality parts to conduct a comprehensive inspection, then the apparent mass refers to the absence of a common defect condition, the apparent quality meets the requirements.
5. Balancing and static balance test
For high-speed operation of the components to be dynamic and static balance test; the strength of the high demand for parts, to conduct impact tests, strength, high temperature testing.

Second, injection mold inspection process in china

After the workpiece through a comprehensive inspection, acceptance want to die, mentioned earlier, can provide a complete sample
of the mold, the whole structure can be regarded as reasonable.
However, other parts of the mold still recognize
actor really check processing precision parts mold structure, insert mode, heat treatment methods and other aspects directly affect the life of the injectionmold.

1. The injection mold appearance quality
A plastic injection mold before, the first observation of its template machining level, templates straight, the following are grinding forming. Dimensions tidy edges chamfered (2 ~ 5) mmX45 °, and give people

Leave a good impression, even reminiscent of the inside of the mold machining quality must be excellent. If the outer surface of the rough, choppy template, although does not affect the intrinsic quality, but it makes it hard to imagine such a plastic mold capable of producing high-quality products.

2. The main part size injection mold inspection
After the acceptance of plastic parts, cavity size is correct or not basically been confirmed, mold other aspects of dimensional tolerances required further examination.

3. Status of main structural parts
Ensure the normal operation of the injection mold structure moving parts, injection mold inserts, inserts  slide and motion wearing parts and the like.

 4. Plastic Injection Mold Materials Handling in China
In the injection mold design, the user can make special requests to mold materials, heat treatment mold standard parts can be carried out in accordance with national standards.

5. wearing parts and spare parts
Each mold has its wearing parts, and thus at the china mold factory, should be equipped with spare parts. Some non-standard items require simultaneous production of two mold factory to prepare for plant replacement.

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