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How to choose injection mold manufacturers

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How to choose injection mold manufacturers

Recently saw a report about the selection of China's top 10 mold companies. It is ironic that the names of these companies we have never heard of. In China, there are tens of thousands of mold companies, this result is how selected out of it? If you want to find a suitable supplier in China, what factors should be considered?

To find more large-scale cooperation in the mold factory is better?
Large-scale, medium-sized or small-scale? In this regard, we have the following recommendations, if a single from the factory scale, we certainly will prefer the larger the better, because the size of great strength, fully furnished! Its size also indirectly reflects the size of the customer choice of high and low! But on the other hand, the greater the scale means that management costs will be high, the price advantage will not be obvious, especially large-scale foreign investment in some of the price of the mold is unacceptable, even beyond our customers offer cost. The other is the relatively slow response, the problem can not be resolved in a timely manner communication.
Your choice of mold factory whether you as an important customer, no attention to you, this is very critical. If your own business capital strength is not strong, not a large amount of purchase, have to choose large-scale cooperation in the mold factory, and sometimes spent money is not necessarily guarantee the quality of many large mold factory does not take a single or Irresponsible are out of this mentality, because in terms of order amount or order quantity you can not meet their requirements.
In this case, most people will choose small and medium-sized mold factory, in fact, the industry which is now generally we are doing, after all, mold and product prices are more acceptable, but soon you will find it worrying The thing again, the mold is completed on time? How about quality? Die mass production how? Die life how?
At this point it is recommended that you must pay attention to basic knowledge, that is, we must choose a complete set of equipment that must have a complete set of precision CNC machining centers, wire walking EDM, EDM mirror spark machine, high-speed high-precision injection molding machine, Dimensional measuring instruments and other important mold processing, production, testing of the necessary equipment, must be this as the study of evaluation and the final choice of the key; because if not the above equipment, mold manufacturing and production process means that this mold factory The need to seek outward processing, this has three main adverse consequences:
1, will increase the cost of your mold costs, the cost increased;How to control costs?
2, is the mold factory in the outward process of repeated communication and coordination of the transfer of the workpiece takes time, will increase the mold cycle, very likely to cause mold and product delays, although the purchase agreement or the contract will indicate the relevant terms of the delay penalty , But in the event of tardiness, fines and can not make up for the reality of the enterprise and long-term losses.
The most important thing is the third point, the mold factory of the outward processing of the process can not be timely monitoring, to undertake the processing plant is often smaller than the size of only one or two second-hand equipment processing stores, many looks quality Good mold because these processing shop sloppy, brutal operation, repeated welding and other means and processing methods caused by deformation of mold, reach the life of scrap in advance, and some even simply can not mass production!

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