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How to achieve quality control of injection molds and products

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How to achieve  quality control of injection molds and products

The rapid development of contemporary mold manufacturing industry, the same rapid development of the mold industry, the market competition. In the case of shorter processing cycle requirements and lower cost requirements, the accuracy requirements should not fall or fall, so in addition to the capital allowable, try to improve the production capacity of processing equipment, efficient quality control means more and more become the mold manufacturing enterprises The key to winning the competition.
With the development of mold manufacturing, mold and product quality measurement and control is particularly important. Our company from the initial design of the mold involved in the digital mapping, to the mold processing process measurement, repair mold measurement, to the mold acceptance measurement and the latter part of the
mold repair measurement; and product testing, production, testing; from electronic small-size mold Large-scale
mold and aerospace industry to the automotive category of large-scale mold measurement, mold quality testing equipment used to measure not only includes the classic high-precision fixed coordinate measuring machine,
but also covers projectors and other equipment.

The quality of the mold is checked at each level and the products utilize the state-of-the-art CPK (an acronym
for the Complex Process Capability Index) that modern enterprises use to represent process capability, which
is the ratio of the maximum allowable range of process performance to the normal process deviation. System
to ensure product quality! To achieve efficient mold, product quality control. About our company's specific
quality inspection and CPK use please refer to 
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