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Development of precision injection mold industry is getting better

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Development of precision injection mold industry is getting better

Many industry increasingly higher requirements of the mold, so the development of precision mold industry gradually picking up, and with the rapid development of information technology to transform traditional industries, the market prospects for plastic mold a vast, global high-end electronic information industry, precision plastic mold market is supply situation.
In recent years, China's plastic mold manufacturing level has been greatly improved, the weight of a single
set of large plastic mold production has reached more than 50t, precision precision plastic mold has reached
3cm,multi-cavity plastic molds capable of producing a mold cavity 7800 the plastic molds, molds capable
of producing high-speed extrusion speed of 4m / min or more high-speed plastic profile extrusion die and
the main profile double-lumen extrusion die.
By the momentum of development policies affect many countries and continuing to expand the market space, automotive, IT industry, the packaging industry is very rapid in recent years, not only have a great development in terms of capacity, but also in the high-end aspects of these industries also have considerable progress, therefore, the above-mentioned industries in high school three low-end have a strong demand for mold. Among them, the automotive, IT products are part of the plastic parts are required by molding, and ultimately to become finished products for sale.
With the continuous improvement and the rapid development of the plastics industry in general and the strength of engineering plastics and other aspects of the scope of application of plastic products is also growing, the amount of plastic products is on the rise.

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