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In the high-pressure, high-speed conditions, the molten alloy under filling, solidification and cooling casting method formed under high pressure.



Die casting is a method of casting liquid forging, the completion of the A special die forging machine technology. The basic process is: first low or high speed liquid metal casting filling into the cavity of the mold, the mold has a cavity surface activity, cooling it with liquid metal forging pressure, which eliminates blank Shrinkage pine defects, but also to achieve the internal organization of the blank forging state of broken grains. Blank mechanical properties has been significantly improved.

What is Die casting 

Die casting is a manufacturing process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure
into a 
Die cavity. Generally speaking, these Die or mold cavities are created with hardened tool steel that have been previously machined to the net shape or near net shape of the Die cast parts. This process allows
products to be made with high 
degree of accuracy and repeatibility. The Die casting process also produce fine
details such as textured surfaces or 
names without requiring further processing.

The ability of producing high detailed and high accuracy parts make Die casting a suitable choice for mass produced product. The moment you wake up you are surrounded products that are produced by the Die
casting process. When you turn the faucet, you open the door knob, when you drive your car, almost every
product or part of the product you use in your daily life is produced using this process.

The die casting process usually produce parts using primarily non-ferrous metals, such as zinc, copper, aluminum and magnesium. Over the years, many different alloys have been developed to meet certain type of needs and requirements of each application.


Significant advantage of Die-casting :

1, good quality: high precision casting size, surface finish, high strength and hardness, dimensional stability, good interchangeability;
2, high efficiency: high productivity machine, small hot chamber Die casting machine aluminum
Die-cast aluminum 
can on average every eight hours from 3000 to 7000; long life die-cast aluminum type,
a pair of Die-cast aluminum type, Die-cast aluminum alloy bell, life of up to tens of million times, or even
millions of times; easy to mechanization and automation.
3, the economic effect of the fine: As the Die-cast aluminum precise size, smooth sheet pan and so on.
no longer be machined directly use or processing volume is small, so not only improves the
utilization rate of the metal,
but also reduces the amount of processing equipment and labor; casting
cheap price; combination of 
Die-cast aluminum with other metals or non-metallic materials may be used .
Saving assembly work and save 

Compared with other metal forming processes, the characteristics of Die casting are:

(1) the productivity is extremely high, the production process is easy to realize the mechanization and the automation. General cold chamber die casting machine every eight hours can be 600 to 700 times the die-casting, hot-pressing die-casting machine every eight hours to die-casting 3 000 to 7 000 times. And a die-casting mold cavity often more than one, so that the number of die-casting production will also exponentially increased.
(2) high dimensional accuracy of the casting, the size of stability, consistency, and less processing allowance and a good assembly. Die-casting of the accuracy of up to IT11 ~ IT13 level, and sometimes up to IT9 level. Surface roughness values ​​are generally Ra0.8 ~ 3.2, the lowest up to Ra0.4. General die castings only a few parts of the size of machining, and some parts without even mechanical processing can be directly assembled to use. This high utilization of materials, up to 60% to 80%, rough utilization rate of 90%.
(3) casting dense organization, with high strength and hardness. 

In China Die casting mold main application industries

Our product categories are more Die-casting mold, the price is relatively low, which is China's Die casting
products a big advantage in the international market, so that gives us inspiration, we can choose a better sales
prospects for products in 
the product as a casting mold Key to the development of export, which then
Die-casting mold products can be used as such 
a focus on the development of products it, let's take a simple
analysis of several:
      1. Automotive industry:
The main car cover mold: automobile panel dies for the automotive facilities, also including agricultural vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery supporting the cover mold, which are mostly medium-sized, complex structure, high technical requirements. Especially for cars matching cover mold, more demanding. Such mold China has certain technical basis, we have been supporting for the mid-range cars

Application of Die Casting Aluminum Alloy in Motorcycle

             Automobile, motorcycle industry, in all industrialized countries are important pillar industries, China is no exception.In the present, the world "energy saving, environmental protection" big situation, aluminum,
magnesium alloy castings, especially high-grade castings Demand is long-lasting, which provides excellent
market conditions for the development of the squeeze casting industry The motor industry faces a serious
challenge, as in the automotive industry, which has been proven to improve design and use of lightweight
materials with low density But the improvement in design has little potential, and in today's technology
conditions, the greatest potential is to use as many lightweight materials, components, available lightweight
materials are aluminum, magnesium ,Titanium, plastics, composites, 3D printing, etc., however, from the
present to 2025Year, aluminum is the most practical lightweight material, because the production of aluminum
and its parts and components manufacturing technology is already very mature, have the highest price, is the 
best recyclable materials, is the most resources Rich natural materials.


Material Selection of Die Casting

The service life of die-casting mold and die-casting mold material is closely related. Die-casting mold zero, the
components are mainly divided into contact with the metal parts, sliding parts and mold parts with structural
parts.Die-casting mold 
cavity and runner and other components in the metal pressure casting production process,
directly with the high temperature, high pressure, high-speed metal liquid contact. On the one hand by the metal
liquid direct erosion, wear, high temperature oxidation and corrosion. On the other hand, due to the high efficiency of the production,the mold temperature rise and decrease is very severe, and the formation of periodic changes. Therefore,
the die casting mold working environment is very bad. Therefore, attention should be paid to the selection of the
material for manufacturing the die casting mold.

Development of Die Casting

In recent years, China's aluminum alloy die-casting production continues to rise, the industry is developing very rapidly, mainly due to China's unique market advantage.

As we all know, the application of aluminum alloy Die-casting is very extensive, especially in the automotive
industry, the demand for aluminum die casting is very large. China's automobile industry in recent years, rapid
development and expansion of aluminum alloy die-casting rapid increase in demand, which greatly promoted
the development of China's aluminum die-casting industry.
Especially in the light of the trend driven by the automobile, the global aluminum die-casting market have emerged a huge demand, China's auto industry, not to mention the needs of this.
At the same time, due to internal optimization and upgrading of the automotive industry in recent years, aluminum casting is gradually replaced by gray iron castings, which continue to stimulate demand for aluminum die casting growth. The automotive industry for China, is still in the stage of development and growth, driven by the above trends, China's aluminum die-casting industry, the advantages of development and expansion is very obvious.



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