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mold making project for thermoplastic elastomer molded parts 

Recently, we produced three molds for Austrian companies, injection molding products are
thermoplastic elastomer,
We call TPE.
Customer is a medical company, the product requirements more stringent, we encountered some
problems in the production process, but in the end are the perfect solution. 

Trump to impose a tariff of 45% on China! What is the impact?

The Trump team is releasing news that the new US president may honor his campaign pledge to include China as a currency manipulator,But may not fulfill another promise: the Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yelen pull down.
In a Bloomberg TV interview Friday, Trump's economic adviser Judy Shelton replied, "When he was asked whether Trump would really include China as a currency manipulator, he said, "He said, and Trump argued against currency manipulation by trade opponents.

3D printing will replace injection mold?

3D printing has come a long way in recent years. Speed, high ease of use and other advantages of 3D printing
has become a trend, and in many areas have been applied. Today, 3D printers have been used in architectural
design,medical auxiliaries, industrial models, complex structures, spare parts, animation and other fields have
a certain degree of application. Especially in the aircraft, nuclear power and thermal power and other heavy
machinery,high-end precision machinery industry, 3D printing technology "print" products are seamlessly
connected to the structure, the stability between the structure and connection strength is much higher than
the traditional method.
3D printing Advantage:

1: No additional cost for manufacturing complex items
2: product diversification does not increase the cost;
3: zero time delivery;
4: unlimited design space;
5: zero skill manufacturing;
Indeed 3D printing has many advantages.So,3D can replace the injection mold?

Mold manufacturing cost control

To ensure that the cost of mold, cost control and quality and delivery is proportional to the relationship between
the quality of the mold to do a one-time, few changes, delivery to shorten, so that low manufacturing costs, earn
high profits, Market order to undertake the process of a unique competitive advantage. On the contrary, enterprises
not only no advantage, but also will not make money or even lose money. Therefore, mold manufacturing costs,
production management in the control part is very important, from the following aspects:

A. The reasons of the burrs
1-1 plastic  mold making parting surface (PL) sliding surface not to cooperate.
1-2 injection molding pressure is too high
1-3 injection machine offset
1-4 lock to touch

2. The associated knowledge
2-1 injection mold making parting surface of PL, the matching of the sliding surface, the ejection pin, block and
so on. Constitute the mould of the gap between various slot, if material flow has become a flash. Flash a wedge
block. Have gradually become big trend.

2-2 remove burrs of plastic parts on repair mold for the principle, on account of the bad forming conditions
set at that time the emergence of flash, lower the temperature in the cylinder should be adopted. Lower
mold temperature,injection speed reduce material liquidity in the direction of the setting parameters. But,
in this would cause products should be paid attention to the internal stresses in the residual.

China auto industry of high-grade die-casting demand trends

Automotive Mould Industry Overview

Auto mold include stamping dies, plastic molds, die casting molds. Wherein the stamping and die-casting
molds proportion of 50%, automobile mold having a size with a complex process, and high technical
standards,technology-intensive products. Automotive panel die is important automotive body production
technology and equipment, the design and manufacture of automotive development cycle time of approximately
two-thirds, is a major constraint to change car type. Automobile production in more than 90% of the parts you want
to rely on molding. In the United States, Japan and other developed countries, automobile manufacturing, mold
industry for more than 40% of the products are automobile mold, while China is only about 1/3 of the mold for the
automotive industry and services, therefore, auto mold known as the "automobile industry mother"

How to choose injection mold manufacturers

Recently saw a report about the selection of China's top 10 mold companies. It is ironic that the names of these
companies we have never heard of. In China, there are tens of thousands of mold companies, this result is how
selected out of it? If you want to find a suitable supplier in China, what factors should be considered?

Plastic  molding parts is growing, driven by auto mold change


Continuous development of the times, for the use of plastic materials, has expanded from the initial ordinary
plastic to composite materials or plastic alloy. From this trend can be seen, along with plastic material and
injection molding technology and improve the level of the injection molding process, plastic mold parts in
automotive applications, motorcycle industry will become more common, will inevitably lead to atuo
mold making and motorcycles mold manufacturing with the big development.

CN-MOULDING shows how internet can be used to deliver custom injection molding service around the world

CN-MOULDING specilzed in plastic mould  and injection molding manufacturer  in China .Offers plastic molding manufacturer services for various industries, such as automotive, electronics, home appliances and others  around the world using the internet.

China based CN-MOULDING believes in using the latest technologies to develop and deliver plastic molds to their industrial clients across the world. The company now uses the internet to build custom molds as per client specifications and reduces the time and cost of designing and engineering molds.

Plastic applications and advantages in the medical industry

Plastic application in the medical industry:

Medical equipment related to the pharmaceutical industries, machinery, electronics, plastics, etc., wherein the
plastic rapid development of medical devices. Since the 1930s people first used synthetic polymer materials -
since celluloid film is formed as an artificial kidney dialysis membrane used in clinical success, polymer
materials are gradually replacing traditional inorganic materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, apatite stone
for the preparation of medical devices.

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