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Plastic Injection molding making equipment Description

 CMM has the adoption of a rigid, lightweight over head gantry with the lateral and mobile bridge support, which is the design applied exclusively into the large or medium CMM. This mechanical design pattern increases the precision of the Y-axis guideway in the motion, reduces the weight of mobile bridge support, improves the motion performance of the system and drastically lowers the rate of beam sways during the Y-axis motion which ensures the high precision and stability of the system.

Now CMM machine used for plastic injection molding industrial and mold making industrial in China

Advantages at injection molding and mold making:
1) High precision and accuracy.
2) Requires less labor.
3) Accurate dimensions can be obtained just by knowing the coordinates and distance between 
the two reference points.
4) Robustness against external force and error accumulation.

Disadvantages at injection molding and mold making process:
1) The Coordinate measuring machines are very costly.
2) The CMMs are less portable.
3) If the operating software cracks down it is difficult to restart the entire system.
4) It needs to construct some feature on its own as some parts of the workpiece are unreachable 
by the probe.

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