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  • Aircraft Plastic Part
  • 20K:2USD/SET
  • 100K:1.7USD/SET
  • Delievery one month
  • Product description: 10 years experience produce aircraft injection mold and parts in china ,it through injection molding and ultrosonic welding technic 
CN-moulding is one of the leading professional manufacturers of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle injection parts, factory area of ​​3,500 square meters, is located in Shanghai, China, near Jiading Automobile City, recently we have developed a new type of customer for American unmanned aircraft parts, from UAV shell manufacturing, mold production and R & D services were developed independently completed.

 UAV development and manufacturing has been listed as China's 863 project, simple, safe and smart electric six-rotor UAV:

     The machine is a vertical takeoff and landing, autonomous navigation of unmanned aircraft systems,
     With manual remote control, fixed hover, flight routes and other flight mode, manipulation and thus becomes very simple, even if you have no remote control flying experience can learn to control its flight in a very short time.

     On this rotorcraft can also install a wireless digital image transmission, the image information can be monitored in real time, to the ground control center, or spread to the Internet, for customers to use.

     Can be used to perform data collection, coordination, exploration, surveying, communication, inspection, aerial reconnaissance and other tasks. Our goal is to make world-class mold maker  and plastic parts UAV development companies, providing first-class service to our customers!

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