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3D printing will replace injection mold?

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3D printing

3D printing will replace injection mold?

3D printing has come a long way in recent years. Speed, high ease of use and other advantages of
3D printing has become a trend, and in many areas have been applied. Today, 3D printers have
been used in architectural design,medical auxiliaries, industrial models, complex structures, spare
parts, animation and other fields have a certain degree of application. Especially in the aircraft,
nuclear power and thermal power and other heavy machinery,high-end precision machinery industry,
3D printing technology "print" products are seamlessly connected to the structure, the stability
between the structure and connection strength is much higher than the traditional method.
1: No additional cost for manufacturing complex items
2: product diversification does not increase the cost;
3: zero time delivery;
4: unlimited design space;
5: zero skill manufacturing;
Indeed 3D printing has many advantages.So,3D can replace the injection mold?
1,Can’t achieve tight tolerances  
3D printing is still in it’s infancy.  You can only achieve a certain amount of detail in the final product
and, compared to a metal mold, is nowhere near the tolerances offered.  These molds are subject
to all the persnickety problems that are inherent to 3D printing too…warping, curling and cracking. 
If the mold fails to print correctly,you’ll have to throw it out and start again.
2, The material restrictions
Careful observation of some of the items and equipment around you, you will find the first stumbling
block 3D printing,that is the required material constraints. Although high-end industrial printing can
achieve plastic,some metal or ceramic printing, but can not achieve the printing of materials are
more expensive and scarce.
3, The machine limit
As we all know, 3D printing to become mainstream technology (as a consumption of large technology),
its requirements on the machine is not low, the complexity can be imagined. The current 3D printing
technology has achieved a level of geometry and function in reconstructing objects, and almost any
static shape can be printed,but those moving objects and their sharpness are difficult to achieve.
4,Intellectual property rights concerns
Over the past few decades, there has been a growing interest in intellectual property in the music, film
and television industries. 3D printing technology will undoubtedly be related to this problem, because
in reality a lot of things will be more widely spread.
5, The cost
3D printing technology needs to bear the cost is high, This is especially true of the general public.

Verdict:  Printing 3D molds for injection molding produces no benefit when compared to CNMOULDING
injection molding process.
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